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Roughing It Doesn't Have To Be Rough

If there is one thing we've learned over years of hunting experience, it's that the key to a successful hunt is preparation, knowledge of the environment, and a good night's sleep. When you hire us, you hire years of refining what it means to camp in style. With our incredible food, organized and well stocked campsite, and a full ice chest; you will be ready to haul your game home.

We camp the old-fashioned way, in spacious wall tents. In the warm comfort of our 12 X 16 main tent we cook a variety of delicious meals and share many evening hours of laughter and hunting stories. We provide a separate sleeping tent for our hunters. You need only bring your weapon, a sleeping bag and your personal gear. We have equipment for hunting rough Nevada terrain. Horseback hunts are an available option, too.

We wish to share with you our love of the hunt. It is always our goal that you leave with a beautiful trophy; and, we also hope that you have enjoyed the entire hunt, come to appreciate the habits and habitat of the creatures we hunt, and have spent a memorable time in the remote areas of Nevada.