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Game we will help you hunt
  • Mule Deer [+]
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    Since those early days in Cherry Valley, I have expanded my knowledge of deer habitat to cover a wide area of Nevada. I am familiar with the high sage flats of northwest Nevada, the deserts of north central Nevada, and the mountain ranges of central Nevada. Since the mid 70ʼs I have guided hunters ranging in age from 12 to 70 on enjoyable and satisfying hunting experiences.
  • Antelope [+]
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    While Nevada is no match for Wyoming and Montana in numbers of antelope, we do have a reputation for producing trophy antelope. I am familiar with virtually all of the antelope habitat in northwest and central Nevada. My years of trapping and hunting in Nevada have taught me where the big bucks live.
  • Elk [+]
    Central and Eastern Nevada are home to some monster bull elk, some of which are Boone and Crockett candidates. We have hunted these areas and welcome the chance to provide you with quality elk hunts either with or without horses
  • Bighorn Sheep [+]
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    Few guides rival the experience that Cherry Valley Guide Service offers in hunting bighorn sheep. I have guided over 65 desert bighorn hunts and several California bighorn hunts. I am thoroughly familiar with most sheep ranges in southern Nevada and one of the few guides who has focused on central Nevada sheep habitat. Cherry Valley Guide Service recognizes how special the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep is for you. We excel at providing a satisfying sheep hunting experience to hunters of any age and any level of hunting skill.