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Dennis Rechel, Master Guide

Cherry Valley is a sagebrush basin above the piñon timber line at 9000 feet in the Clan Alpine Range in central Nevada. My involvement with a cattle operation introduced me to this serene high mountain mule deer country. In the early 60's, I honed my personal hunting skills in these mountains and it was here that I first guided a hunter to a wall-hanger mule deer buck.

In 1960, I shot my first archery deer. Since then, almost all of my personal hunting is with a bow. Since those early years, hunting and guiding has been my great love, and a substantial part of my livelihood. I supported my family of 5 children for several years by trapping and calling predators. Now, I offer my services as a master guide for mule deer, elk, antelope, and bighorn sheep across the state of Nevada. If you hire me, your trophy will be expertly cared for, the meat will be handled professionally, and camping is included.